How do you elevate others?

When I was a young swimmer, I remember one of my coaches telling our team, "You either add to and contributing or you take away from the overall mission of our team. Which will you choose to do?" 

This simple statement helped me bring more on the days I didn't have the energy to really bring 'it'. It made an impact on me. 

As a coach

One season we placed a piggy bank outside the locker room. At the end of practice each person would evaluate themselves - on a 1 to 10 scale. They put coins in or they had to make a withdrawal - based on what they had given or taken from the team that day. 

I realized how connected they were to tangible results (like how fast they had gone that day) and how disconnected they were from the bigger picture (working hard, being competitive, staying positive, encouraging others, being disciplined, etc.). This provided a great opportunity for a discussion.

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