Give the gift of feedback

Feedback...can be a slippery slope! It can build you up, tear you down, and is sometimes hard to hear. Yet, it's necessary to learn, grow, and tap into our full potential. Because of our own experience with feedback, we can sometimes struggle to give it to someone else - at least in a way that they can hear it. Here are a few ideas to make your feedback more effective.

Feedback is a gift. When you can package it up - like a gift - and give it with the intention of helping the other person, then it will most likely be received in that same way.

When someone gives you feedback - just like when you receive a gift - the appropriate response is to simply say, thank you.

There are three parts to feedback:

  1. The content
  2. The tone
  3. The non-verbal cues

These three pieces should be congruent so that the message is clear and effective.

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how to get from good to great

Good coaches are also good managers.  They have the ability to connect with people, build relationshipsembrace conflict, and be engaged.  

Coaching is 90% how you relate to people. Good coaches are self aware and invest in themselves for their own personal growth. They surround themselves with people who are positive, supportive, & who lift them up.

Being an expert in sport is further down on the list of what is really important.  There are plenty of coaches who “hide” behind the X’s and the O’s because they don’t want to deal with the other “stuff”.  I believe that all that other “stuff” is what makes a coach great!

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