How gratitude changes the way you think about your most challenging athletes

It's the challenging athletes who drain you. The ones who take the most time and attention. They can zap your energy - while whittling away at your passion and inspiration. Just when you think you've got your team moving together in the right direction...the issues begin and the drama escalates.

(You have someone in mind...right? Your blood pressure may already be going up just reading this...)

Your other athletes sense your frustration and are most likely fed up with the whole situation. 

They don't know what to say to you...and they're not quite sure how to handle their teammate.

This energy can not only keep your team can widen the gap between where you are, and where you wanna go.

You didn't sign up for this.  You just wanna coach!!!!  Is that too much to ask????

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Is it okay to be content?

In yoga philosophy, there's a concept of contentment called santosa. I didn't get that concept right away. To me contentment seemed to indicate that I should be satisfied with where I was...and I didn't come with that mindset.

Growing up I was a competitive swimmer and even a competitive musician. I played piano and performed much better in competition than I did when I played recitals in front of family and friends. It was the competition that helped me to stretch to another level.

After college when I got into coaching, I loved when our team got to race. I would get so excited to create lineups, match people up, and envision

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Are you in relationship with gratitude?

Are you in relationship with gratitude? 

Research shows that grateful people are happier and healthier. How grateful are you? You can even take a quiz and find out. Just click here.

Four Benefits of Gratitude:

Makes us happier (and even reduces anxiety & depression)

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to be one of the most reliable methods for increasing happiness.  It boosts your positive emotions - and turns the half empty glass into one that's half full.  Even in the face of adversities - 

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