Leadership for the next generation

The biggest constant in our world today is change. We aren't the same as we were yesterday and we'll be different again tomorrow.

The world is ever-changing. Technology is different. Education has changed. Each generation brings with them a new set of principles and values.

Even leadership is different.

Coaches can't just coach the way they were coached. They can't just teach leadership the way they were taught. Coaches today have a whole new generation of athletes who don't relate to leadership in the same way. 

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A small acknowledgement = a BIG game changer

I had a friend pick up the phone and call me yesterday to acknowledge me for an email that I had sent out.  She wanted to tell me that she was excited to see the progress I was making. She recognized I had followed through on things we had talked about and she had seen me take action and persevere.  She simply noticed - and wanted to let me know that she had noticed.

It absolutely made my day!  It really made an impact on me.  

When was the last time someone acknowledged you for something or vice versa...when have you acknowledged someone else?  

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You make a difference...and may never know it

written by Erica Quam

I received a homemade card yesterday from a yoga student who had come to one of my classes in December.  At the beginning of class I shared my ritual of choosing a word of the year - instead of setting new year's resolutions.

I remember seeing something click for her - like a lightbulb went off.  After class, as tears welled up in her eyes, she shared with me that she had chosen her word.  It was 'play'.  She revealed that she had never really allowed herself to play as a child.

My card yesterday was hand painted in beautiful reds and orange colors.  Inside she shared how she had been living her word - and finding new opportunities to play.  She was taking weekly dance classes, and had enrolled in art classes - only to realize she had never even held a paint-brush in her hand. 

She wrote in my card,
"You don't stop playing because you are old.  You get old because you stop playing."

She wanted to let me know that what I had shared had changed her life.  

While it's rare to get cards like these, it was a reminder to me of how the things you say can have a powerful impact on others.  And you may never even know.  

Keep reminding yourself each day of the good you do and the difference you make in people's lives.

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