Wish You Had A Magic Wand To Change Your Team's Attitude?

Do you ever wish you had a magic wand...that you could just waive over your athletes when they're complaining, whining, blaming, or being negative? 

It's unrealistic to expect your athletes to be positive and chipper all of the time. (Let's get real...I'm not always positive and chipper myself. Especially before I've had my coffee).

Yet, some days when my team would come out onto the pool deck for practice...it was like a forcefield of negative energy. It was like the dementors out of Harry Potter. (I love Harry Potter...). Everything felt heavy, dramatic, and dark.

I wished I had a magic wand to simply shift their energy.

I wanted to help them realize how carrying this heavy negative energy seemed to drain their POTENTIAL.

If only they could be more open, more light, and allow things to flow.

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5 mistakes coaches make instead of handling issues

Most coaches I know can handle a lot. They're masters at juggling a long list of tasks all at once. Having a lot on your plate isn't the problem. What drains your energy are unresolved issues that are the undercurrent of your program. 

1. Having an environment where people fear conflict

People on your team have to trust one another before they will actually bring anything up. This includes your coaching staff. Otherwise, people will waste time and energy complaining about issues but never actually do anything to solve them. Work on building trust and establishing an environment where people are okay bringing things up, saying hard things, and being vulnerable. 

It may be helpful to categorize problems into 3 different types of issues: 1) a true problem that needs to be solved, 2) info that needs to be communicated and agreed on, and 3) an idea that needs some more feedback, brainstorming, or insight to solve.

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