What's the best professional development investment you can make?


by Erica Quam


It is important to take the time to examine how we coach and specifically look at what we can do to be better coaches.

Professional development keeps you fresh with knowledge and give you good ideas to do your job - but it doesn't solve everything. It isn't always all that fulfilling. 

So, just what is the best professional development activity you can do to fill you up?  Personal development.  Invest in yourself.  YOU matter.

The reason the grass always looks greener on that other side is because you are too far away to see the weeds. 

We’re all human – we get stuck in our routines and before we know it pretty soon we all develop habits that are hard to break.  No matter what job you have, how much you make, or where you go - you will have problems and challenges to deal with.  

Personal development gives us the perspective we all need as humans.  It helps us deal with the problems and challenges that are sure to come up - no matter how great we know our X's & O's. A little self examination can help us uncover blind-spots that hold us back and keep us stuck.

Rather than complaining, blaming, & judging, about whatever is going on with your job, it's important to stop and check in with yourself.  Look in the mirror.  What you are feeling and how are you getting inspired?  What habits are keeping you stuck or limiting beliefs are holding you back?  

Inspiration doesn’t interrupt you; it’s something that has to be pursued. We all must feed our minds and make conscious choices about how we direct our thoughts, energy, and focus; otherwise, the demands, negativity and inevitable distractions of the day will take over.  
— Tony Robbins

When you work on yourself as a person to grow, learn, & develop, then everyone around you will benefit!  How much should you do? Well, how good do you want to be?  You are worth it! 

Personal development can keep you passionate & inspired about coaching.  It can get you down-right obsessed with learning and growing and becoming that very best version of YOU.   

Do you have any insight or ah-ha's that you got from reading it?  Share 'em below!