What are you avoiding?

written by Erica Quam

There are plenty of things in our lives that we avoid like people, pain, commitments, fears, decisions, & even conversations.

There are some big drawbacks to the behavior of avoidance. It can be an obstacle that keeps us stuck and holds us back from reaching our full potential. We - consciously or unconsciously - waste a lot of time and energy.

Your Avoidance Inventory

  • What 3 people do you avoid?
  • What 3 decisions have you not made?
  • What 3 conversations have you not had?

Pick the 3 things across this list that drain you the most. What's ONE action you could take in each area to address instead of avoid? What's the ideal outcome you would want?  You may find a sense of relief, just by writing things down and getting it out of your head. This alone will free up space in your brain. When we avoid, we look over our shoulder. We stay in our head. Our brain gets occupied by what if's, not now's, & lots of worst case scenarios. There are SO many direction to go and places to hide.

Flip the switch

Instead...focus on future possibilities. To flip the switch from avoiding to attracting...deal with things directly. Try these 4 things instead:

  1. Acknowledge what you are avoiding.
  2. Create a plan. 
  3. Set an intention for an ideal outcome. 
  4. Attract a whole new set of results into your life.

The Benefits

What we resist, persists. I believe that if we don't learn how to deal with the things that we avoid, we'll continue to be presented with more of those people, situations, or opportunities...until we do.

Taking responsibility, stepping up, and handling the myriad of things that come up in our lives - rather than avoiding them - is a leadership issue. When you become aware of something that you are avoiding you are presented with an opportunity to grow as a leader.

I'd love to hear what you think. Did I miss anything? What do you avoid, how much energy does it take, and what's your one next step? Share in the comments below.