monthly one-on-one coaching calls with Erica

Vision Sheet

During our first call together we'll go over your Inner Circle Vision Sheet. Watch the video for an explanation. 

This will help to frame our work together in the year ahead. Take time to get really clear as a leader. Narrow down what you MOST want to focus on and would like support around from me. 

Call prep

Please copy and paste the following questions from this call prep form in an email to Erica and send at least 24-hours before our call so that we can maximize our time together. If you'd rather scan a written version, that's fine too. (NOTE: If your call prep isn't received 24-hours prior to our call, we will need to re-schedule.)

Coaching integration 

After your call with Erica, please allow yourself a little time to be still and answer the following questions:

  • Write down three words that best describe how you feel right now.  
  • What “aha”s did you have during the session?
  • What action steps are you going to take and by when? 

Feel free to email this form to Erica at if you’d like to share your results with her.

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Unused calls

Unfortunately, if you don't use your calls each month, you'll lose them. You won't be able to save them up.

Consistent action creates consistent results. Instead of saving these calls until something 'bad happens', the practice of having regular support and accountability will help you become more future focused. You'll become a leader who is more of a creator instead of a reactor.

Additional calls

Now...I know there are things that come up on your teams that you may need/want additional support around. So, I'm open to an occasional 30 minute call - when my schedule allows. Just send me an email and let me know your availability. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you would like to schedule an extra 30 minute call with me more regularly, let me know. I'll let you know how that works.