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Wouldn’t it be nice if your athletes had their needs written all over them? To understand exactly what they need to have the most effective interaction? To know that your boss focuses immediately on end results, that your strength coach values team collaboration, or even that your assistant coach simply hasn’t had their morning coffee yet? 

Would it make your job easier? Would it change the way you work with them?

Communication and self awareness are two important leadership skills.

What  - specifically - are you currently doing to help your athletes develop these two skills? 

The DiSC® Assessment is a tool will enhance self awareness, communication, and emotional intelligence. Use it to reinforce the leadership training you already do with your team.

Help them gain insight into the patterns of behavior BEFORE they come up on your team. Develop a better advance.

Not only will your athletes learn better ways to work together as a team, they can utilize this valuable tool in all other areas of their lives - in the classroom and in their careers.

I would love to work with you to talk about how to best utilize this powerful tool with your team. After your student-athletes take a DiSC Assessment, I will help you customize a few simple activities that will help them put this learning into practice - as they work together as a team.


I’ve been using the DiSC with athletes and coaches for over 15 years. There’s value in simply having someone take a DiSC assessment. There’s even more value when you can make this information come alive for them - by unraveling the real life situations that come up on your team throughout the year.
— Erica Quam

DiSC FOR TEAM CAPTAINS - Give your team captains the opportunity to take the DiSC® Assessment and become more confident leaders for your team! Some leaders are more vocal and demonstrative while others more quiet and reserved. Your team leaders will learn more about their unique leadership style and ultimately make a greater impact on your team.

Team Captain's package (includes profiles, comparison reports, plus 3 training calls with Erica)

DiSC FOR YOUR TEAM - Have your entire team take the DiSC® report and introduce them to a whole new language. Take emotion out of team conflicts and put the focus back on behavior. Give your team a tool to get to the root of issues that come up so that they can keep moving forward. 

Team packages (includes profiles, comparison reports, plus 3 training calls with Erica)

DiSC FOR YOUR STAFF - How well do you know the people on your support staff? Do you know how to best communicate with them and vice versa? Get to know this before the season picks up so you can work together most effectively. 

Staff packages (includes profiles, comparison reports, plus 3 training calls with Erica)

Contact Erica directly to ask any questions and discuss the unique needs of your group.

using the disc® in athletics

Leading On And Off the Field

Find out how the NCAA is using Everything DiSC®

Student-Athlete Participants who have taken the DiSC®:

“I thought it was going to be a waste of my time.  Now that I’ve taken it and learned more about it, it was the best thing I’ve done to understand myself.”

“It may sound crazy, but the DiSC® was totally accurate.  I read my report and completely identified with the profile.  It did help me understand and then begin to re-evaluate myself.  It not only helped me on my team, it also helped me in school - working with other groups in my classes.  Instead of getting frustrated in these team projects, I was able to see that we all just communicate differently.”

“The most useful part of the DiSC® was seeing how I appeared under stress.  It was great.  Now, I have learned to approach certain situations differently.  And I'm seeing different results!”

“In practice interviews, I've struggled to tell people what my strengths are.  I'm much more prepared to answer that question - by using the words from the DiSC®.”

NOT ALL DISC's are created equal!  Why use THIS DiSC®? 

It's simple.  It's concise.  It resonates - with each individual. 

There are lots of versions of the DiSC®. This version has evolved. It is the only DiSC® product to have gone through adaptive testing to give you the most accurate results available. Read through a sample report and see for yourself. In addition, you may access comparison reports, team culture reports, and more.

Why is this helpful?

  • Comparison reports allow you to match up any two individuals and compare their unique reports side by side. The comparison report gives each person a list of very specific actions to take to communicate more effectively with their partner.  
    • For example:  Do you have an athlete that you are really struggling to reach? Are you at odds with someone on your staff? The comparison report could give you valuable clues as to why things aren't going well and what you can do to improve that relationship.
  • The Team Culture Report provides a composite of your team’s DiSC® styles and information on how this can impact your team’s culture.  As a coach, you can then more easily understand your team’s DiSC® culture, explore its advantages and disadvantages, and discuss its effect on group members before the season really gets rolling.

sample reports of Everything DiSC® products

Everything DiSC® - Sample Report

Read through the sample to see the detailed information that is contained within each report.  You and your athletes can read over their profile and personalize it even more.  You may be surprised at just how accurately your profile represents your behavior and personality!

Everything DiSC® - Comparison Report

Would you like to improve your interactions with your assistant coach, head coach, board president, or administrator?  Are you in the process of hiring someone new to your staff?  Learn how the people you work with communicate and learn effective strategies for improving your relationship with them in this simple comparison report. 

Everything DiSC® - Sample Team View

Coaches, have a summary of your team's style in your hands.  Use this tool during individual meetings as a reminder to yourself of who is sitting in front of you.  Having their style in mind helps take the emotion out of meetings and helps you adapt your behavior to have the most successful and productive interactions possible.  AND if you want to coach your athletes to adapt the way they communicate with you, then this is a powerful page to have at your fingertips.

Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ - Sample Report

Utilize this simple and practical tool to grow and develop as a leader.  The Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ profile is a great way to learn more about your own approach to leadership.  Find out how to evolve as a leader. Learn how to better craft your vision, build alignment on your team, and ways to execute more effectively.

interested in Everything DiSC® Trainer Certification?


  • A more in-depth knowledge of DiSC®?
  • The confidence to fully utilize the DiSC® with your team? 
  • An immersion in the model and practical ideas to build on?

Then the Everything DiSC® Trainer Certification is for you. 

You’ll get hands-on experience with all of the Everything DiSC® profiles. You’ll learn the theory to help you understand how to interpret the Everything DiSC® model. And, you’ll get a high-level overview of the tools available in the Everything DiSC® facilitation materials. Finally, you’ll demonstrate your knowledge and
understanding of the Everything DiSC® through group presentations and a written exam.

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