Meet Erica

I'm Erica Quam, founder of The Coaching Experience. I help coaches become the leaders they're meant to be - in all areas of their lives.

My approach to working with coaches is unique... because I've been there myself AND I've been working specifically with college coaches for the last six years.

I'll share my core coaching principles with you so you can take, adapt, and apply these directly to your team. I'll help you lay out a game plan to follow - before your season starts - so you know what to focus on so you aren't so distracted.  This kind of work will take you and your team to a new level of success. 

My mission is to get more women into coaching and help them become the leaders they are meant to be in all areas of their lives. My role is to help coaches recognize their blindspots - where they can stretch, grow, and evolve. I provide coaches with the support, accountability, and tools that this level of leadership requires.
— Erica Quam


I work one-on-one with a small group of super cool, bad-ass women coaches (and a handful of really amazing guys) who are on a continual path of learning and growth. The coaches I work with understand that becoming a better coach starts with them.


I don't work with coaches who think they know it all and are not open to looking inward. I don't work with coaches who are chronic complainers - who regularly blame and criticize others. I don't work with coaches who are looking for a 'magic pill,' or a 'quick fix' .


For the best results and the highest level of structure, support, and accountability...I work with coaches one-on-one for the duration of the season.

I just started a brand new online coaching community called the Coaches Mentorship Club that blends monthly training, coaching, and collaboration with other coaches - no matter where you live. I facilitate 3-day Coaching Summits at the Prime Sports Institute in Bellingham, WA. I offer Online Training so that coaches of all levels can regularly take time away from working WITH your team to work on your team (and yourself).


I started my coaching business in 2011 when I transitioned from a 15-year career within collegiate athletics. I was two-time team captain of the Women's Swim Team at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I spent five years as the assistant women's coach at Southern Methodist University with the legendary Steve Collins. From there, I made the move out to the west coast - where I'd always dreamed of living. I got hired as the Head Women's Swimming coach at Washington State University in Pullman at age 26. I spent nine seasons coaching in the Pac-12 conference and leading the Cougs.  

I worked with Olympic medalists, NCAA All-Americans, and guided close to 200 young men and women along their collegiate athletic careers - in the sport of swimming. The best feeling in the world is to hear from an athlete who will share with me that something I taught them mattered. Sometimes I don't even remember saying it. Yet, they applied it, learned from it, and are now passing that learning along to their own kids, students, and other people in their lives. Coaches make a difference!


What most people don't know is that after my five years as assistant coach at SMU, I almost walked away from coaching. My plan was to move to Alaska. I was burned out, overwhelmed, and wanted to totally drop out. My boss had gotten a call from Washington State to see if I would apply and he encouraged me to look at the job. At first, I had no interest. I literally burst into tears. I needed a break!

After taking some time off I started to dream. I considered the possibilities of being a leader - and applying all my skills, knowledge, and experiences to help build a team. It got me super excited and scared the heck out of me all at the same time! So, I knew it was the right next step.

The Coaching Experience has been my way to elevate the coaching profession & support the community of coaches who are making a huge difference changing the lives of the young men and young women through sports.

I’m dedicated to supporting athletic coaches. There are the X’s and O’s - the technical aspects of coaching. Then there are these ‘soft skills’ that no one teaches you: personal development, leadership skills, and building a team. These are the areas coaches can really focus in on to win - in athletics and in life. This is my passion!
— Erica Quam

I provide a fresh new perspective for coaches to consider and breakthrough ideas to develop your teams via my monthly Who Coaches You? eZine. 

In addition to coaching coaches, I'm a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and teach weekly Iyengar yoga classes at Yoga Northwest and the Prime Sports Institute that my wife and I opened in October 2018.

My wife, Kerry Gustafson, and I live in Bellingham, WA. We're active members of this special community. We work hard so we can play hard - in the mountains, on the trails, and in the waters of the beautiful pacific northwest.