Hi Coach -

Welcome! This is the Pre-Season Prep for Coaches training vault...where you can find everything you need over the next six weeks to help you build the momentum you need!


Download your Preseason Productivity Pack and start working on a new sense of clarity going into this program.

Weekly trainings

Training 1: Clarify your vision for the season ahead

Training 2: Examine your values: the foundation of your coaching

Training 3: Identify your superpower: your greatest strength and how to use it

Training 4: Establish trust on your team that weathers the storms of the season

Training 5: Create a plan to cultivate leadership on your team

Training 6: Complete your roadmap to refer back to all season long

Finally, pull it all together: Get organized...and get going!

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Call #1) 360º Check-in Call

Let's take a 360º look at your season: 
Look at the past, present, & future to get clear, gain perspective, & get ready for the season ahead! 

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Schedule this call anytime between July 1st - July 15th.

Call #2) Integration Call

During this final call, we'll talk through the results you got from this six week program and get clear on the specifics of how you'll implement these steps in the season ahead.

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Schedule this call anytime between August 15th - August 26th.

Contact me

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at coachquam@whocoachesyou.org.

Have fun out there!