The inspired coach

No matter what your goals are as a coach, this is a career in which there’s never an arrival. You are on a path towards mastery.  Mastery is fluid.  So, if you can learn how to overcome a little bit of resistance...every single day... that’s where your growth comes from.

For the next seven days, I’m going to talk you through a lesson and give you a suggested practice to go with each lesson.

You choose how this works:

You can print out all the transcripts and worksheets all at once, read through each day, and go through the exercise at the end of each lesson. Click here to download.


You can listen to me talk you through each exercise. You can download each day and take it with you - in the car, out for a walk, wherever works best. All you need to do is tune in and listen. I’ve tried to keep these audios as simple, clear, and non- annoying as possible. Click here to access the playlist or scroll down to access one day at a time.


Each lesson is short. Most are less than 5 minutes long.  Each practice is short.  There may be one or two that take you a little longer to think about...and if you’re thinking too hard and sitting there for too long, I’m going to recommend that you go do something else and come back to it later once you have some new insight or awareness about it.


If questions come up, if there’s something you’re not clear on, if you need to talk through something with me to gain a different perspective, then let’s find a time to connect.


Let me know how it goes and how you apply this to your life and your coaching.

Cheering you on,



Lesson 1

Begin with Awareness.

Life is busy. It may be rare for you to take time to listen to others, much less yourself. Start the program with an awareness exercise will help you pause and reconnect with your own personal wisdom.


Lesson 2

Get grounded.

There are times when life may get out of hand. You may show up in a way that’s not really who you are. Identify the places where you give your power and energy away. Learn how to change your behavior.


Lesson 3

Be in relationship with gratitude.

Welcome more gratitude into your life by becoming more aware of it each day. Jumpstart your own new personal practice of gratitude - starting today.


Lesson 4

Generate momentum.

There are times where you will get stuck. Learn how to keep moving forward with inspiration. Use the Momentum Generator tool to connect with your purpose, get clear, and get going.


Lesson 5

Work with balance.

Take a closer look at your life. What are the most important areas in your life? Where are you spending your time? mHow can you spend more time in the most important areas?


Lesson 6

Recover with resilience.

Learn 5 steps to take to develop your resilience and deal directly with the challenges and obstacles that get in your way.


Day 7

Integrate your inspiration.

Take a day to catch up, reflect, & revisit what you have learned this week