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welcome to the vault

a mastermind group for coaches...

I'm thrilled to welcome you into this incredible you take your coaching, team, mindset, awareness, and life to a whole new level!  As you begin The Summit Leadership Circle, you’ll notice that a lot comes along with this coaching mastermind. So guess what? It can be all too easy to default into “I’m so overwhelmed!” and totally freeze. Do not do this!

Overwhelm” is just a thought, a limiting belief, or an old pattern you may have been defaulting to for years.'re in this for the long haul, right? 

To get you started in the Summit Leadership Circle…I've created this simple check-list to walk you through your first steps. Find time to work through these in the coming 30-45 days.

As questions come up for you write them down. Ask me during your one-on-one call with me, during our Group Calls, or simply send me a text 360-319-3923 or email anytime. I usually can respond within 24-48 hours.

I'm honored to be on your sideline and will totally be cheering you on this season!

Follow these FIVE steps to BEGIN...

  1. Watch this WELCOME VIDEO with Erica...(click here to access)

  2. Complete THIS SIMPLE CHECKLIST as you get it done over the next 30-45 days...(click here to download)

  3. Listen to the 'RULES OF THE ROAD' audio recordings from Erica (click here to access)

  4. Listen to the '7 DAYS OF INSPIRATION' audio recordings from Erica (click here to access). Click here for the full transcript and tools that go along with each day.

  5. Take a deep breath knowing how amazing this year is going to be with more structure, support, and accountability than you've ever had before!

private Coaching for personal mastery

Get ongoing personal attention from me throughout the season! 

I will help you add strategy and structure to what you are doing with your team, how you manage specific athletes and team challenges that come up, gain clarity around the conversations you need to have and the decisions you need to make. Together, we'll focus on you - the person - including your own habits and mindset.

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+ Coaching Calls with Erica

Instead of saving your coaching calls until something 'bad happens', see what it's like to have regular support and accountability. Become a leader who is more of a creator than a reactor by connecting with me one-on-one to talk through things, hear a different perspectice, and come away with clear next step(s).

Click here and download your Call Tracker Tool to help you keep track of our calls together.

Click here to schedule your calls.

+ Our First Call Together

During our first call together we'll talk through your Summit Leadership Circle Vision Sheet.

This will help to frame our work together in the year ahead. Take time to get really clear as a leader. Narrow down what you MOST want to focus on and would like support around from me.

Click here to schedule your first call.


Also, if there are dates you would like for me to know about (like your first practice, team meeting, or your training camp, and important competitions you're focusing on) click here to share those with me.

+ Call prep forms

Click here to download your call prep form. Either copy and paste the following questions in an email to Erica and send at least 24-hours before our call so that we can maximize our time together. If you'd rather scan a written version, that's fine too.

[NOTE: If your call prep isn't received 24-hours prior to our call, we will need to re-schedule.]

+ Coaching integration

After your call with Erica, allow yourself a little time to be still and answer the following questions:

  1. Write down three words that best describe how you feel right now.
  2. What aha's did you have during the session?
  3. What action step(s) are you going to take...and by when?

Email this to Erica at if you’d like to share your results and have a higher level of accountability.

+ Additional calls

Now...I know there are things that come up on your teams that you may need/want additional support around. So, I'm okay if you schedule a quick 30-minute check-in call from time to follow up with me on something you're working on or need support around. Click here and download your call prep form to let me know what's 'up'!

Group coaching sessions with your peers

Keep your momentum strong knowing access to your fellow coaching colleagues is always just around the corner. Show up ready to share victories, ask questions, and talk through any current challenges you're dealing with. 

+ Monthly Mastermind Sessions

These sessions typically happen the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9am, pacific. I'll also send you an email reminder with details on how to connect. If you miss a call, you can come back and click on the date below to access the recordings.

    • November 13, 2018 (week before Thanksgiving) - no recording available
    • February 19, 2018
    • March 19, 2018

+ Quarterly Time Outs

Make time to take a time-out. Hit the pause button - exactly like we do at the summit. Leave this session with clarity, a clear strategy of what to focus on next, and your own customized 90-day action plan.

These two sessions will also happen the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8am, pacific.

How to prepare for these two sessions?

Click here to download your Quarterly Time Out tool to utilize for these sessions. I will give you time to fill this out as we go.

+ How to Connect for these calls

Click here to join the call from your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

You could also join us over the phone. Call 669-900-6833 or 646-558-8656. [Our Meeting ID is 279 318 1169.]

exclusive Private Facebook Group

Easily connect with fellow **SUMMIT LEADERSHIP CIRCLE** coaches throughout the year. Share resources, high-fives, tips and support in the closed-door, mastermind-only, private Facebook group.

+ 24/7 access to Erica & Coaching Colleagues

Here’s how:

  1. Type my name in the search bar at the top of your Facebook page.
  2. Click Add Friend.
  3. I'll add you into the group so you have access to the page.
  4. Click here to access.

IMPORTANT: If you use Facebook under another name, please send your display name to me at If you aren't able to access after you've followed these steps, please let me know!


Every Summit Leadership Circle coach has the option to work more closely with an accountability buddy (someone who is also in the group this year).

If you'd like to work with an accountability buddy this year follow these two steps:

  • here and follow the Accountability Buddy Training. This training helps you set up clear boundaries and guidelines and agree on a consistent schedules so you both can give and receive the highest level of support to one another.
  • NEXT, find a time for your first call together. This call will last longer than your normal calls because you are talking about your boundaries, guidelines, and schedule. Click here for your Initial Accountability Buddy Call prep sheet.
  • FINALLY, click here for a tool that you can use for your ongoing check-ins throughout the season.

Simple Summit Blueprint

How to lead, plan, and fill your own coaching summits.


5-Step Roadmap: click here for the video; click here for your worksheet