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Accountability Buddies

This may very well be one of the strongest elements of the Inner Circle!

Every Inner Circle coach gets a complete Accountability Buddy training – which means that when you begin working with your buddy, you will both have clear boundaries, guidelines and schedules to give and receive the highest level of coaching, support and success.

Click the button below to begin your training. When you're ready for your first call, click here for your Accountability Buddy Call Prep packet

(This training and packet will also be posted on our Private Inner Circle Facebook Page.)



You can easily stay connected with fellow INNER CIRCLE coaches through this group.

Get resources, high-fives, tips and support throughout your year in the closed-door, mastermind-only, private Facebook group.

Here’s how:

  • Type in the name Carol Kay Simmons in the search bar at the top of your Facebook page.
  • Click her name to go to her profile.
  • Click Add Friend.

We'll add new members regularly on Mondays.

IMPORTANT: If you use Facebook under another name, please send your display name to me at

group Call Recordings

Our group calls will be recorded.

You will find those recordings posted here within 2-3 days after our call.

QMWD tools

Your focus and your habits are two keys to your success and growth this year.

So, you'll be getting consistent support and accountability on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis. 

The vault gives you easy access to these tools to help you stay focused and adopt the healthy habits that will support the goals and intentions you've set for yourself this year.


The beginning of the week is a great place to start. Choose what you want to focus on for the week and choose the mindset you'll take. 

Click here to download a tool you can use at the beginning of every week!


At the end of the week, go back and reflect..what went well, what didn't go well, what can I do differently next week?

Take some time to acknowledge your victories, things you're proud of, and all those things you completed!



general tools 

Clean conversations tool 

Use this tool to gain clarity before you have a difficult conversation with someone. Know what an ideal outcome would be for this conversation so you can work towards that. Tease out any assumptions you're taking into the conversation. Set an intention for who you want to be during the call.


I'll be recommending one book each month for the Inner Circle to read - if you choose to read it.

My intent is not to add more to your already full plate. I hope I can expose you to valuable resources - that I've personally read and hand selected for you.

If I'm recommending it, you can be sure it's something valuable you can apply to your life and also use with or for your team.