Welcome to the Inner Circle

a year-long mastermind group for coaches...


I'm thrilled to welcome you into this incredible community...as you take your coaching, team, mindset, awareness, and life to a whole new level! 


Here are six steps to get you started...


1. Watch the welcome video with Erica...

2. Complete this checklist as you get it done...(click here to download)

As you begin The Inner Circle, you’ll notice that a lot comes along with this coaching mastermind.

So guess what?

It can be all too easy to default into “I’m so overwhelmed!” and totally freeze.

Do not do this!

Overwhelm” is just a thought, a limiting belief, or an old pattern you may have been defaulting to for years. 

Remember...you're in this for a full year, right? 

So, to get you started…consider this your list of first steps to do...in the coming 30-45 days.

As questions come up for you, write them down and ask on your one-on-one call with me, during our Group Call, or simply send me an email anytime.

3. Watch the four 'Rules of the Road' videos...

4. Watch the 'What NOT to do' video...

5. EXPLORE the contents of your INNER CIRCLE VAULT using the buttons below.

6. BREATHE and KNOW how amazing this year is going to be with more structure, support, and accountability than you've ever had before! 


Let’s do this!