Now is the time to step into your full potential as a coach!

If you're open to adopting a few new habits, trying a couple of simple tools, and taking a step back from the way you're doing things now...you may just find you have more time, less struggle, and a whole lot more fun in this crazy career! 

I work with coaches to help you set your season up for success - using strategies aligned with your unique vision, purpose and values. I'll help you discover new ways of looking at the challenges and obstacles...that used to keep you stuck. 

Let’s talk about YOU...

Here’s what I’m guessing…

You're committed. You want to do everything you can possibly do to help your athletes be successful - on and off the field. And, you're great at what you do. You're passionate, perceptive, and have lots of great ideas to implement.

However...I’m guessing - that on occasion - you feel a little chaotic. You can’t be everything to everyone - and struggle to balance life at work and home. Things go from so solid and under control to hectic and overwhelming. Some parts of the season are great, and others you just can't wait to be over.

You may sometimes wonder how long you can do it? (I see this happen with coaches all the time.)

Here are three reasons whY...

The first reason is STRATEGY.

When you're a coach, you have to understand and implement everything from the x's and o's (training, conditioning, and competition) to team-building (leadership, culture, and expectations) to recruiting (communicating, organizing, and planning), to general operations (travel, academics, compliance, business) to the daily to do's that come up and everything in between. You gotta nail it all down while continuing to show up as a coach and a leader for your athletes each day.

When you don't have a strategy in place for managing all these different things, it's easy to fall behind, get overwhelmed, and get stuck.

The second is MINDSET

Your mindset, your attention, and your energy impact all of the decisions you make, the goals you set, and the results you are striving for in all areas of your life. This is the essence of coaching.

Improving your mindset takes awareness and focus. It's your relationship with yourself. And it’s almost always gets in the way of really tapping into your full potential as a coach. 

To be able to do your genius work - for the long haul - strategy and mindset help make it all work. 

Which brings me to the third reason…GOING IT ALONE DOESN'T WORK.

Doing it all by yourself is way too hard!

You spin your wheels and waste precious time reacting to the many things that come up. You hold it in and try to figure it all out on your own. You struggle, you get tired and spiral downwards to the point that you're no longer showing up as yourself. The most successful coaches I know have done a great job of asking for help, getting support, and tapping into the insight from experts.

Welcome to The Coaching Experience.

Here, you’ll learn a lot about yourself - as a person as a coach. When you begin to work on yourself you will be better for yourself and others. 

To get you started, here are 3 key articles that will help you with STRATEGY:

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Let's Talk!

Your ongoing evolution is tremendously important to me. Our work together will focus on you the person - so that you can become an even better coach.
— Erica Quam

I'd love to learn more about you and find out where you are in your coaching career. 

There are resources I may be able to point you to and people to connect you with to make this coaching career an easier path.

Let's set up a quick call to connect! 

I can't wait to hear from you!